.:The ghost ya love the most:.

Anonymous said: why do you enjoy being dom? i've never really seen the appeal in it, as a sub and all

I just like being in control and being a loving protecting dom! Embracing then comforting.

Anonymous said: Are you into BDSM? If so, do you consider yourself a sub or a dom?

I’m dom most of the time! But being sub is fun too.

Ok I’ll take some more kink related asks too.

Eh gonna keep some of the not too personal ones.

Ok now I’m embarrassed ahh. Gonna delete all the asks soon too.

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Anonymous said: Would you ever be someone's fuck buddy?

Probably not. I prefer to be in a stable relationship but who knows.



date someone who wants to be with you

date someone who will always follow you

date someone who will always try to help you

date someone who will be there when you’re hurt

date your healer


Anonymous said: ever think theres a possibility of you participating in an orgy?

Maybeeee. I really love the idea of having a Polyamorous relationship some day tho.

I’m on Mobil so I can’t tag but expect some tmi commin soon!!

Anonymous said: If you had to pick, Would you rather have a guy with a big dick or a little dick though?

Uhhhh that’s a hard one. I would not pick a guy because of dick size though but if it big I ain’t complaining.


im boredddd. can i get some sexual anon asks please???



"thats not very lady-like of you"


WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it